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Different Parts of a Spark Application Code , Class & Jars

This Post explains the Spark Code Internals – Different Parts of a Spark Application Code , Class & Jars . Also how those Spark codes run in a Cluster . A Spark Application has 3 Main components as mentioned below. Please note each of these components is a separate JVM andthey contain different classes in their own classpath(s) ):

  1. Spark Driver - The Prime Major component  - Driver creates a SparkSession (or SparkContext) . Driver will connect to a cluster manager so as to do the actual work
  2. Cluster Manager - It allocates the Resources for any spark application. It is the classic "entry point" to the cluster. There are different types of Cluster Manager available - Spark Standalone (Spark's own cluster manager suitable for pseudo node or stand-alone clusters), YARN and Mesos.
  3. Executors - these reside on the Worker or Slave nodes. They perform the actual work of running Spark tasks.
The relationship between these is described in this diagram . The diagram is taken from from Apache Spark's Official Site:

Classes & Codes :

Let's look at what kinds of classes and Code these all components contain ? This can be answered by the following diagram: Let's parse that slowly:

  1. Spark Libraries - These libraries should reside in ALL above 3 components as they contain the basic necessities which Spark application needs to perform the tasks  and connecting with each other (components). Hence Spark's Archive file is a COMBO PACKAGE i.e it contain codes for ALL the components - driver, executor & cluster manager. And these should be available in all of them .
  2. Driver-Specific Code - These are user code and they get Executed Only on Driver Node - not on Any executor node. These doesn't include any Transformation related activities involving RDD, Dataset or Dataframe. Spark-context or Spark session related code etc are an example of this category.
  3. Executor Code - These specific codes execute on the Worker node or Executors. These are the Transformation related activity code - map , filter , Join etc . These are compiled with driver code . Anything which these codes need must also be included in this jar(s).

Additional Points on Classes & Jars:

Now that we got that straight, how do we get the classes to load correctly in each component, and what rules should they follow?

  • Scala and Spark versions must be SAME in all components.

  • For external Cluster Managers like YARN / Mesos, all components of the same application must use the same Spark version. That means - if used version X to compile and package driver application,  then the same version should be used while starting the SparkSession (e.g. via spark.yarn.archive or spark.yarn.jars parameters when using YARN). The jars / archive you provide should include all Spark dependencies (including transitive dependencies), and it will be shipped by the cluster manager to each executor when the application starts.

  • **Driver Specific Code - **The driver code can be shipped as a bunch of jars or a "fat jar", as long as it includes all Spark dependencies and all user codes.

  • Distributed Code - These must be present on the Driver & shipped to executors along with all of its transitive dependencies.

Summary Points :

Best Practice to deploy a Spark Application (in this case - using YARN):

  • Create a library with - Distributed code + "regular" jar (with a .pom file describing its dependencies)+ "fat jar" (with all of its transitive dependencies included).
  • Add the driver application, with compile-dependencies on your distributed code library and on Apache Spark (with a specific version)
  • Deploy the Driver application as a fat jar to be to the driver
  • Include distributed code version as the value of jarsparameter when starting the SparkSession
  • yarn.archive should contain location of an archive file containing all the jars under lib/folder of the downloaded Spark binaries

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