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How To Make Your Laptop or Desktop A Public Server (NGROK) ?

Ngrok is a Fantastic software to quickly test your own builds or programs or chatbot on public Url without actually buying a Public url . Once installed , NGROK facilitates by providing you a Public URL ABSOLUTELY FREE . And you can use that -

  • To Test your Chatbot on a Public URL ?
  • For Getting a Public URL to build a webhook Integration
  • For Sending previews to clients – accessible on public URL
  • For Demoing from your own machine
  • For exposing your Local Web Server
  • To give SSH Access to your Raspberry Pi
  • To demo an website without actually deploying
  • To run own cloud service from your own machine
You can try it for FREE with below Restrictions –

  • 1 online ngrok process
  • 4 tunnels/ngrok process
  • 40 connections / minute
For more details check -