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How to Check Syntax Errors in Python Code ?

In this post , we will explore - How to Check Syntax Errors in Python Code. You can use various options to check for any syntax errors in Python without executing the script . Try the below options -

Option 1 - Using Compilation Script :

  • Using Python basic compilation . Use the code below and save it as any .py file e.g

import sys
your\_python\_script\_name = sys.argv\[1\]
source = open(your\_python\_script\_name, 'r').read() + '\\n'
compile(source, your\_python\_script\_name, 'exec')

  • Next run your Python script(say against the above script


Option 2 - Using Direct Compilation :

  • You can directly compile your Python script
  • Note the below poinst -
    • python returns a non-zero exit code if the compilation fails.
    • Also type errors are not detected -- those are only detected at runtime

python -m py\_compile

Option 3 - Using Pychecker :

  • You can use PyChecker to syntax check your python code. Use code below from the command line:

    pychecker \[options\] YOUR\_PYTHON\


  • The [options] provides below features -
    • --only  --> only warn about files passed on the command line
    • -#, --limit --> the maximum number of warnings to be displayed
    • --no-shadowbuiltin --> check if a variable shadows a builtin
    • -q, --stdlib --> ignore warnings from files under standard library
    • -T, --argsused --> unused method/function arguments

  • If you want to syntax check multiple Python scripts at one go ,

pychecker <YOUR\_DIR>/\*.py

Sample how pychecker shows the syntax errors - Imported module (string) not used Instantiating an object with arguments, but no constructor Object (useless) has no attribute (valeu) No local variable (var1) self is not first method argument

Option 4 - Using Pyflakes :

  • Another worthy option to try -


Option 5 - Using "ast" module

  • The ast module helps to process trees of the Python abstract syntax grammar - basically ast helps to find out the current grammar appearance.
  • More here -
  • Using CLI

python -c "import ast; ast.parse(open('').read())"

  • Check syntax of any block of code

import ast
tree = ast.parse("print ('This is Great')")
"Module(body=\[Expr(value=Call(func=Name(id='print', ctx=Load()), args=\[Str(s='This is Great')\], keywords=\[\]))\])"

  • Alternatively use as a python script

import ast, traceback

with open(g) as f:
  source =
valid = True


except SyntaxError:
  valid = False


Hope this write up was helpful.  

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