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How To Fix - Cluster Configuration Issue in Kafka ?

In this post we will discuss How To Fix - Kafka Cluster Configuration Issue in Kafka. Sometimes Kafka clustering gives setup issue.Lets say you have a Kafka Cluster with five brokers and one zookeeper.  Suppose the replication factor and partition is two. And you see messages like below in the terminal -

Turned off nodeA and nodeB
Turned on nodeA
Turned off nodeA
Turned on nodeB

The node B fails and subsequently the consumer pops below error messages -

Connection to node A (/nodeA\_ip\_address) could not be established. Broker may not be available

Lets say both the Producer & Consumer are Spring boot applications. To fix this issue , try the below steps and see how they goes -

  • Add all the bootstrap servers to the below -

config. listeners=PLAINTEXT://NodeA\_ip\_address:9092,NodeB\_ip\_address:9092 etc.

  • Add all broker addresses to bootstrap.servers properties in both Kafka Producer and Consumer config files

  • Update the file as shown below -


Hope this helps.  

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