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How To Fix - "Error: Cannot Find Module" in Node.js ?

In this post, we will see How To Fix - "Error: Cannot Find Module" in Node.js. Sample error

  throw err;

Error: Cannot find module 'XXXX'
   code: 'MODULE\_NOT\_FOUND',


Primitive Checks:

  • Check the package.json file at the project root. Does it have the "module" listed ?
  • If yes, then check whether you have installed that module dependency or not. If node is not able to find that module dependency, it would throw that error.

  • To check the list of npm user-installed packages, we will use below command in the current working directory (where the npm is installed).

$ cd <project\_directory\_path>
$ npm list

  If you want to list the globally installed packages, use below command in the project directory -

$ cd <project\_directory\_path>

$ npm -g list

  If you don't want the listing of dependencies, use below command -

$ npm list -g –depth= 0

To check whether a specific package is installed or not, use below command -

$ npm list -g \[package-name\]


  • To confirm that package install worked correctly, in your module directory, verify that a "node_modules" directory exists. It should contain a directory for the package(s), which were already installed.

Solution 1:

If you are done with the above steps and verified that the specific package is not installed, you can go ahead and install the package.  

  • Install using npm package manager. This will create the node_modules directory in your current directory (if one doesn't exist yet) and will download the package to that directory.
  For unscoped package which are always public - i.e. can be searched, downloaded, and installed by anyone.

$ npm install <package\_name>

  For scoped package i.e. scope name is referenced during installation

$ npm install @scope/package-name

  For Private packages - accessible only to the granted users

npm install @scope/private-package-name


  • Install packages using yarn package manager
  If you’re starting a project from scratch, use below to create the Yarn-specific files. This adds a package.json config file and a yarn.lock file to your dir. package.json contains config and list of module dependencies. The yarn.lock file locks the dependencies to specific versions to make it consistent.

$ yarn init

$ yarn install

$ yarn add package-name


Solution 2:

If above solution doesn't fix your issue, you could retry deleting "node_modules" folder,  package-lock.json & yarn.lock

rm -rf node\_modules
rm package-lock.json
rm yarn.lock

  Hope this helps to solve the error.  

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