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How To Fix - Multiple Broker Start Error in Kafka ?

In this post , we will see - How To Fix - Multiple Broker Start Error in Kafka. You might face issue while trying to start multiple Broker in a Kafka cluster.

ERROR Fatal error during KafkaServer startup. Prepare to shutdown (kafka.server.KafkaServer)
kafka.common.InconsistentBrokerIdException: Configured 2 doesn't match stored 1 in If you moved your data, make sure your configured matches. If you intend to create a new broker, you should remove all data in your data directories (log.dirs).

INFO shutting down (kafka.server.KafkaServer)

  These types of issues are more often than not related to the configuration settings. However we will check all the relevant pointers one by one. When you face the same  error , try the below fixes and see if that helps.  

Starting Kafka:

  • When you start the Kafka server , use respective config files for each brokers.

kafka/bin/ \\


Zookeeper side:

  • Flush out the data in the data directories (log.dirs).
  • Subsequently check if zookeeper is running fine

Kafka Config File:

  • Ensure you are not using any Duplicates while you configure each Broker settings.
  • Cross check the Port and log.dir used in the config file against each of the kafka brokers in the cluster.
  • Cross check the config.listeners and advertised.listeners values for each broker if these are correctly put.
Below is a sample config file with parms



  • Use different log directories for each of the brokers to keep the logging clean and segregated.


Also read our other post on similar line for additional info  - here   Try out these and see if that helps.  

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