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How To Select Between - PyTorch , Keras or Tensorflow?

This post explains How To Select Between PyTorch , Keras or Tensorflow. We will see each of these and come at a Non-Politically Correct decision.

1. Tensorflow:

  • TensorFlow is an open-source DL library from Google.
  • The latest version of Tensorflow is 2.0+. However the Tensorflow documentation doesn't appear to be that much easy-to-digest and comprehend. And as such it is not as widely adopted as the other Deep Learning Frameworks. To be brutally Honest this adds a pinch of salt against Tensorflow.
  • Also Tensorflow is not a quick-to-learn easy-to-use kind of framework. It is Good but there is a Learning curve involved
  • Also Tensorflow appears to keep changing quite frequently due to the frequent releases.

2. Keras:

  • Keras is an API on Top of Tensorflow (You can use it over other DL frameworks also)
  • Thus Keras hides lots of complexity and complicacy , behind the scene, making it easier to learn and use.
  • However since it is an API , it gets its advantage in the form of Speed and Agility.

3. PyTorch:

  • As the name suggests , PyTorch is quite Pythonic in its nature and behaviour. Which makes it easy to use and learn.
  • It is easy to try and quick to implement any new ideas or research pointers.
  • The Popular Deep Learning tutorila is based on PyTorch - which makes it attractive as well.
  • To Put things Straight - Pytorch is Simple and very quick to make Solution Prototype.
  Conclusion - To be honest , if I need to choose between PyTorch Keras Tensorflow , I would choose using Pytorch and this is my Go-To Deep Learning Frameworks amongst all the three.   Additional Link -