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How To Set-up Cloudera Manager in Cloudera Quickstart VM ?

 In this post , I will explain How To Set-up Cloudera Manager in Cloudera Quickstart VM . You can download the Cloudera Quickstart VM from

About Cloudera Quickstart VM

Quickstart is like a community edition completely FREE to use. It is a Standalone or Pseudo node cluster i.e. You have a Single Node that runs both Driver as well as Worker which essentially means everuthing runs in the same Machine. Quickstart VM is good for using as a Big Data practice or learning platform.

It comes with most of the Big Data softwares pre-installed in a Linux box ready to boot through Vmware Workstation Player or Oracle Virtual Box. Cloudera Manager is the Admin GUI to administer ll softwares (Start , Stop , Restart , Config changes etc) .

Quickstart VM Internals

  • In case of Cloudera Quickstart VM , since it is a Single-node cluster , hence there is One Scm server & Scm agent available.
  • The Cloudera Admin console facilitates - to browse the cluster , look at different services, look at the role for different services etc.
  • Some basic properties can be seen by typing below in command line -

`[cloudera@quickstart ~]$ hostname`  

  • Use command to see cloudera server status -

    **$ service cloudera-scm-server status**

Cloudera Manager

  • Cloudera Manager is the browser based Admin console to monitor , administer your cloudera cluster. However for the Cloudera Quickstart VM, you need to do certain steps to enable the Cloudera Manager .

Setting up Cloudera Manager

  • On your Cloudera VM Desktop , you could see a file name "Launch Cloudera Express" . Click that and it will open the command console - then wait for the messges on the command console. You will see a screen like below. This means you can access your admin console fro the browser now.  The defaults login credentials are - id - cloudera , password - cloudera.

  • You can login to the cloudera Manager in the browser using - http://quickstart.cloudera:7180/cmf/login. Credentials as mentioned above.

  • Once logged in , it looks something like below -

  • Please note you can Delete or Stop any services from the Cloudera Manager console . But if that service any has dependency on other services , it will prompt you about that .

  In my subsequent post , I will try to write about the different features of the Cloudera Manager console and how to use it.

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