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Jungle Bot – Translate & Tweet Jungle Tree Sounds !

Jungle Bot – It can Translate & Tweet Jungle Tree Sounds ! But can a Tree Tweet ? If you ever had a doubt , then look no further more ! Existential Jungle Bot is audio foot-print of ecosystem comprising trees, animals or anything .

It is an open-sourced project in the line of Planet Earth ecosystem Monitoring. The system takes input  audio of any surrounding and using that input tries to figure out some definitive characteristic or identity or behaviour for that type of surrounding. It might be sounds of animals, sounds of wind , sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves etc. Once these characteristics are learnt , they can be used by Ecologists or Rainforest or Ecosystem conservationists to pinpoint when the ESTABLISHED ecosystem changes or are getting degraded. On a fun note , the same live data from the already installed systems are converted through a speech-to-text translator (PocketSphinx) and translations are available in twitter as Existential Jungle Bot on Twitter Link -   A very Detailed overview of the projects is available at below link -   Additional Read - MuseNet – Music Created by Artificial Intelligence !